Gloria M. Ware, Founder and Chief Rainmaker, Get The Bag, LLC

“Educate a Woman and You Educate a Nation” – African Proverb

Get the Bag, LLC is a community of black women who are aspiring and current entrepreneurs, motivated, courageous and fired-up about becoming more financially informed to start and scale successful businesses. For community members, Get the Bag helps you confidently understand the world of bootstrapping, startup funding, growth funding and; speak the language of finance and investment; and navigate the right networks to successfully access and secure the financial capital you need to launch a new venture or take your business to the next level.


Get the Bag delivers:



  • A quarterly Get the Bag product gift box subscription service offering you exceptional products and discounts on service offered by black women entrepreneurs that are part of the GTB network. (Available December 2020)
  • Diverse profiles, stories and strategies from women who are first time founders, serial and aspiring entrepreneurs to help motivate, inspire and empower you to imagine and achieve  your own entrepreneurial success.
  • Weekly finance and funding tips and funding opportunities
  • Access to a growing online community led by Chief Rainmaker, Gloria Ware and other women of color in her network offering guidance on how to navigate the formal and informal networks advancing the entrepreneurial pursuits of aspiring and current Black women business owners.
  • An easy to understand newsletter with relevant financially-focused information and resources to help you successfully access capital, the #1 challenge Black women face when starting or growing a business.


Gloria believes that women of color have the capacity and potential to make even more outstanding innovations and contributions , yet we don't always know what the path to that success is or the possibilities of what the success can look like. It was the need to help more black women achieve entrepreneurial success that led Gloria to create Get the Bag.


In her capacity as Founder and Chief Rainmaker, Gloria leverages her knowledge and network developed over 25-years in business banking, philanthropy and start-up investing to help more women of color access the financial information, financial capital and the right social connections they need to take their businesses to new heights.


Throughout her career, Gloria Ware has distinguished herself as an inclusive entrepreneurship advocate, business and finance author, engaging public speaker and knowledgeable industry expert, building the networks and communities that enable more of us to unleash our individual and collective power.

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