-        Are a fulltime business owner and aspire to profitably grow your business to $1Million+ or are a high performing professional by day, working a side-hustle by night and are               ready to go all in with your business - but need funding and profitable new clients to make it happen. 

-        Want to diversify your sources of income beyond a job or your business, but aren’t sure where to start. We show you how.

-        Enjoy reading about financial information, but no one seems to be speaking to the topics in a way that relates to you as a Black woman. Our experts look like us.

-        LOVE being inspired by, learning from, supporting and collaborating with positive-minded, conscious Black women entrepreneurs and professionals. That's us!

-        Want to know about all the funding sources and “connects” from which to secure the bag. Our funding guide keeps you updated with the latest funding sources.
-        Want to achieve business and financial success, but value your mental, physical and emotional health – work smarter and not harder. We know that wealth starts with health.
-         Invest and spend your money in a way that supports your socially conscious values. We do our best to use green and eco-friendly business practices.
-        Need to see your hard-earned dollars re-invested in our communities. We actively promote Black women business owners in our gift and subscription boxes.
-        Have an abundance mindset. We attract positive vibes and collaborative minded business owners.



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